The “Free Range” Solution

This is the third part of my posts about a “free-range humans” meme. The previous posts are

Today, I’m going to have the audacity to suggest a possible solution.


Part of the problem is a hyper-focus on self.

As we have moved into a more modern world, we have become more focused on personal comfort and safety. While this is a sign of progress, it is also an Achilles heel. We have the luxury of becoming very self-focused and very irritated when someone trespasses our comfort zone. This has even extended into our parenting to a large degree.

Also, a focus on personal comfort makes it easier to stop thinking about the well-being of others. We isolate ourselves into our own little world, worry about our own problems, and miss opportunities to reach out to others. We let “somebody else” do that. Sometimes, we even expect everyone else to think about us, too.

Ok,  I admit that this is an overly simplified view. Reality is much more complex, but I feel confident enough that it applies enough that I’m going to move forward.

We can be part of the solution if we are willing to work and change.

I don’t believe in changing the government to change our culture. I think we will be more successful if we change our culture first because the government is a reflection of our culture.

So, I’d like to propose a four-part solution to the Free-Range Human problem:

  1. Return to personal integrity. As long as we are looking for ways to “get away” with something, willing to shortchange someone else for our own benefit, or retaliate because we believe that we have been wronged, we will continue to add to an environment that looks to bring in the government with its regulations as the “big guns” to protect themselves.
  2. Respond when you have the ability. In “Response-ability” I shared a video that challenges the viewer to consider that that if you have the ability, you need to respond. Waiting for someone else, whatever our excuse, allows people to fall through the cracks and creates more of the hopelessness and despair that has lead to so much tragedy in recent years.
  3. Stop and think before trying to ask the government to step in. Can the government really make a positive difference? Would this problem be better handled closer to home in a grass-roots initiative? Is it worth having a bigger government with more regulation and more taxes? The government doesn’t always make things all better. It might actually be better to live with some risk!
  4. Encourage others to step up with integrity and compassion. One person can’t stop a flood, and sometimes, all of our combined powers can’t stop the flood, either. But, together we can limit the damage and rebuild.

Have you been following this short series? What are your thoughts about being free-range humans on a tax farm? What ideas do you have for solving the tough problems that are facing our society today?



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