A Cat’s Nervous Breakdown

extreme-fear-anxiety-catsThis past week, I took in one of my brother’s dogs while he went out of town. His dog is very loving and intelligent, but she is also full of energy and a bit headstrong. Even so, we didn’t think it would be a big deal because we have two other dogs, and the cats are fine with them. They can see the dogs through the bedroom window, but we keep the door to the bedroom shut, so the dogs can’t just wander in and out at will. Over time, all of them have started making peace.

I had no clue what was going on when he began throwing up once or twice a day. He’s always had a bit of a vomiting problem — when he gets a big enough hairball, he will eat until his stomach rejects everything. When it was most frequent, it happened once or twice a month.

So, I kept watching my baby, hoping he wasn’t getting sick. He didn’t look sick, so I just kept watching. About the fourth day in, my cat was looking pretty bad. His eyes looked a little bit sunken, his stomach was caving in a little bit, and he jumped at everything.

Somehow, my brain pieced together that it could be the new dog. I picked him up, about that time my brother’s dog popped up into the window. The cat nearly went bonkers. I took him over to the window and showed him that he was perfectly safe. By morning, he was fine.

I thought that he had learned that the window kept him separated from the dogs. He had actually learned that the other two dogs wouldn’t come through the window to get him.

Points to Ponder

  • Do I have worries and concerns that may be like the window? Have I tried to see other perspectives? Have I sought the perspective of others that I trust?
  • Is it possible that my frustrations with others — whether it be my kids, my spouse, my coworkers, etc. — is caused by something as simple as a difference in focus or perspective?
  • How often do I look for the root of a problem with others and try to solve that, rather than focusing on what appears to be the problem?




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