Why “Nice Guys” Finish Last

nice-guy.gifI wish I could take credit for this idea, but I first heard it from a guy at church, and I’m pretty sure that he was expanding on the idea because he had gotten it from somewhere else. Ideas are pretty viral like that.

I, too, want to take a deeper look at why nice guys finish last. In my case, the answer was that it’s because nice guys are helping everybody else out along the race course. There’s a lot of truth to that statement. Nice guys (and nice girls — I’m not leaving us out, just going with the traditional phrase) take an interest in the people around them and are concerned for their welfare. They don’t mind pitching in and helping out. They want to see other people succeed and do well, probably almost as much as they want to succeed themselves.

That’s why I question whether they are even running the same race as the cut throat egotist.

I think it’s an important question to answer, because it makes a difference in how the nice guy(gal) perceives his self-image and progress.

If we’re all running the same race that the person who dies with the most (expensive) toys wins, then yes, nice guys do tend to finish last, and it will always be that way. Nice guys won’t trample people on the way to that kind of success.

I think that nice guys simply hold different values in life and they are aiming for a different finish line. I think nice guys value relationships and the people behind them. I think they have the moral courage to take a stand for right and wrong. I think they envision a better world as being more important than a bigger car.

If so, then nice guys and nice gals need to recognize that the messages bombarding them (us) from day-to-day will sometimes distract us and make us think that we are losing a race that we’re not even running. That hurts.

If we can refocus, we can see the progress that we have made along the way, we can see how close we are to our true finish line, and we can drop the worry that we feel when we stare too long at the other guy’s finish line.

It’s all about our core values and our core self. Nice guys do just fine in their races!


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