Reaching End Goals


“If you can see the end goal, you can find the path to get there.”

That’s the way I first heard the quote. I think I’d change it, though:

“If you can see the end goal, you can blaze the trail to get there.”

Finding a path sounds too much like luck. It sounds like copying what other people have done. It sounds like waiting for everything to be laid out in front of you with little work on your part.

I’ve never really see life work like that.


No, each person who has a goal has to look at the distance from now to achieving the goal. You have to study the terrain, you have to plot the course. You have to gather the tools, find the right traveling companions, and possibly even train to be ready for the journey. It takes purpose, it takes dedication, and it takes planning. It’s hard work.

There’s a possibility that you will start blazing your trail only to realize that you’ve hit an insurmountable block — a valley that didn’t show up on the maps, or a mountain that can’t be crossed — and you have to go back, retrace your steps and try again to plot a new path to the end goal.

Smart adventurers will also stop from time to time to evaluate if the cost of achieving the goal is still within acceptable limits for the benefits of reaching the goal. There is little glory in losing what’s most important in life just to reach a tiny achievement!

So yes! Set those goals! Plot your path! And be wise!

Blaze your trails to get there!


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