Easter Thoughts

easterheadWhen I was as kid, I would have never believed that I would have felt any sense of worry or nervousness when writing about Easter. I grew up in a time when sacred and secular practices blended together to make a fun, chocolate-filled holiday for kids.

But, as I grew up, the world changed. Everywhere I turn, it seems like we have tension, distrust, and even hatred. Something as simple as saying “Happy Easter” is now preceded by thoughts of — will this person be offended because they aren’t Christian?

The actual celebration of Easter can be even more charged — should it just be a spiritual holiday, do you mix in secular traditions, do you try to separate ancient pagan influences and have a “pure” holiday, or do you put religion aside and just celebrate it in the spirit of welcoming spring?

I don’t have all the answers. If I could write a magic sentence that would bring world peace, it would be written in a heartbeat.

What I do know is that we somehow have to learn to accept and love people in spite of (or maybe even because of) our differences. We have to learn to disagree agreeably. We have to stop being so ready to assume that someone’s words or actions are calculated attacks against us and our values. We have to change inside before we can influence any change around us.

So, without any ill-intent, but speaking from the goodness and well-wishes of the culture in which I was raised,

“Happy Easter.”


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