Is It Just the Millenials?

So, this video recently made its way onto my Facebook feed. Looking at the comments surrounding it, the mixed reviews were quite passionate.

Some of the things he pointed out were

  • Giving everyone a trophy damages self-esteem,
  • Parents have been demanding easy rides for their kids,
  • Social media has become the go-to drug for children,
  • These are good kids who want to make a difference, but they have no idea how to patiently make an investment.

Then, from out of left field somewhere, he says that millenial problems aren’t millenials’ fault and that adult needs to get in there and fix them!


Well, that’s my take on the video, anyway. I’m sure others will find other important points. It is a great video to watch — especially if you are thinking and evaluating what is being said.

I think this speaker hits the mark on most of what he is saying: we have set up a culture of entitlement and instant gratification that is slowly ruining us as individuals and a society. I also wholeheartedly agree that we are not responsible for the actions and teachings of the adults who raised us.

I want to go a bit deeper, though.

We may not be responsible for what others did to us and for us, but we are — as soon as we reach an age to think and act for ourselves (like 18 or so) — responsible for what we do about it.

As adults, we have to look and see what is actually working. We have to grapple with reality. We have to learn to appreciate intrinsic rewards. We have to teach ourselves to be patient.

No doubt, it’s harder if we’ve experienced a lifetime of people manipulating our experiences so that we never feel hurt or disappointment. It’s got to be very similar to recovering from codependency. It may be too big for us to handle alone, and we may need to turn to others with the experience and knowledge to help us.

Based on my personal experiences, I don’t think that it’s just the millenials who are suffering the effects of entitlement and instant gratification. I think many of us in the “older generation” could use to look closely at our expectations of life and circumstance. I know that I have found more cases of unrealistic expectations lurking in my heart and mind than I would like to admit.

So, are you ready? Are you willing to look deeply at places where you feel like you should be given “some slack” or special consideration to see if you are feeling a bit entitled? Are you willing to step up and push yourself to not expect special treatment?


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