Common Sense v. Traditions

uncommonsense-1024x682“Common sense” has become synonymous with simple logic. We question the intelligence of those who seem unable to solve simple life-skill problems.  Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

As a child, I remember being told the story of a young wife who always cut a piece of roast off before placing the rest in the pan to cook. Her husband finally questioned her about it, and she only had the answer “that’s the way my mom did it.” A call to mom revealed that “that’s the way your grandma always did it.” Finally, asking grandma resulted in the truth: her pan had been too small to hold large roasts, so she cut a portion off to fit the roast in the pan and cooked the leftover piece for a later meal.

To both mom and the granddaughter, cutting a piece of the roast off was common sense, because it was the way it was always done, and must somehow be connected to making a roast turn out right. In the end, it was only truly common sense for Grandma.

So, today, I challenge myself as well as my readers to look at the way we have always done things and see if we are following some traditions which we believe to be common sense but really are just traditions that either serve no purpose or are actually working against us and our dreams.


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