Just Breathe

breatheIt’s that time. Holiday preparations and celebrations have just about worn most of us out, and we’ve still got a couple of weeks to go!

Isn’t it completely ironic that “the most wonderful time of the year” can bring out the most feelings of inadequacy, isolation, and stress? We are, by nature, competitive creatures, and sometimes the “person” to beat is an ideal that we hold dear in our hearts and minds!

SO, I’m giving you permission to schedule some time to drop all the fuss, let go of the expectations, and just breathe. Go for a walk, go see a movie, play outside with your kids (and build a snowman if you’re lucky enough to live where there’s enough snow), grab a hot chocolate and read a book for an hour.

In the end, you have to think about what you want more: a picture-perfect holiday that leaves you too worn out to enjoy it and possibly too stressed to be nice to family and friends, or a “scruffy” holiday filled with memories of time spent with those who matter most?

Cut the spending of money and up the spending of time. The payoffs are unimaginable. Take time for others, but give yourself permission to take time for yourself as well.

May your peace of mind truly make this a wonderful time of year!


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