A Swift Kick in the Seat


Sometimes, a simple quote says more than I ever could. Perhaps that’s why so many people, including me, love them!

Speaking from personal experience, here are ways that I make trouble for myself:

  • Imagining the worst — whether it’s an event I’m dreading or gossip that appears to be going around, things are rarely as bad as I can make them by filling in the blanks from my imagination.
  • Being sloppy — I get tired. I want a break. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, taking a break may be the best thing. When I don’t take a break and I keep pushing through, I tend to get sloppy. I stay up too late to get things done (or “relax”) and then I sleep in and I’m late for work. I start just piling things up around the house instead of putting them away.
  • Failing to plan downtime — I tend to just keep going until I can’t go any longer. Then, I crash. Stopping for a break before I crash would allow me the opportunity to enjoy my break.
  • Placing the todo list in higher priority than relationships — self-explanatory?

There are as many ways to be our own worst enemy as there are people. So, are you brave enough to stop, examine your life from the outside in, and advise yourself as a friend?


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