Uncommon Effort


Ok. The truth is that I was searching for quotes because my brain froze for an idea this week. I found several that echoed the idea of putting more effort into common routines.

The workaholic in me loves these!

And that is what made me pause and consider: When is putting in the extra effort the road to greatness, and when is it just bogging yourself down in tiny details? How does anyone tell the difference?

I’m going to be completely upfront and admit that I don’t have all the answers here — after all, I just admitted to workaholic tendencies! So, I’m electronically musing and hoping it will help you, too.


I think priorities may be the biggest factor. What am I really hoping to accomplish with my life? If I were to sit down and write my funeral service, what would I want people to say about me? I’m guessing that, I don’t want my family raving about the sparkle of my toilet bowls, so maybe I should keep the house clean and sanitary without overdoing it. If, on the other hand, I want to leave a collection of songs behind, then I need to put uncommon time and effort into the craft of songwriting.


Physical, mental, and social health have to be considered. When uncommon efforts damage important relationships, rob us of sleep on a regular basis, or occupy enough time that we are worried about keeping up with other duties, we are experiencing warning signals that we are passing beyond excellence into true workaholism.

So, I guess the take-aways this week would be:

  1. Set goals, be willing to work hard, and strive for excellence in the areas of top priority in your life.
  2. Watch for warning signs of excess.
  3. Enjoy the journey!

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