Wisdom Highlights


I’ve  heard this since childhood (I do have a mom, after all!), and I’ve used it myself! This will be short post, but I want to look at the idea of wisdom and age from several different angles.

  • Is is really necessary to be worried about how we look? Ok, to a certain degree, it is. After all, we lose some credibility when our hair looks like it hasn’t been combed in a week, our clothes are dirty and wrinkled, and we smell bad. Other than that, who cares? I would much rather be a person people look forward to being with who make people feel better for spending some time with me and who is known for integrity than to be a cover model! I have known some people who have it all — looks and a solid personality — but the personality is what drew me to them and kept me as a friend.
  • Is is really all that bad to be getting older? Growing up, I heard many jokes and conversations about mid-life crises. I worried how I would handle it when I got there. I’m now officially middle aged, and I love it! By the grace of God, I have jettisoned a lot of personal baggage that has plagued me since childhood, found focus in my life, married an amazing man, and fallen in love with being healthy and fit. I feel great, and I’m smart enough to know what a gift it is and to try to use it wisely. As long as I don’t base my self-worth on what younger people think of me because of my age, life is fabulous!
  • Life experiences are wisdom-builders. While on the subject of how we treat people who are older than 35, let’s talk about all of those icky circumstances life dragged us through. I know people who keep a catalog of just how unfair life has been, tallying up all of the bad times and completely missing all of the good. Meanwhile, they are letting personal growth slip from their hands, because they haven’t learned a thing! I have learned a lot about recognizing con artists and cheaters quickly because I’ve been conned and cheated. I’ve learned that each person has the ability to dust themselves off and get back up. I’ve also learned how important friends are in that process, and I have become more willing to be a friend. A coin always has two sides. So does life.

So, maybe today, no matter where you are in life, take a second look. How are you honoring the wisdom of those who have more life experience than you? How are you using the wisdom life has taught you?


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