All Dressed Up

dressed up

I have heard this saying applied to people that others feel are fake or even worthless. Today, I want to turn the saying on its head a little bit and look at personal beliefs and habits.

  • In our day-to-day lives, what are we doing just to look go, but the actions aren’t taking us where we want to go?
    • Imagine the power of cleaning out pockets of time in daily life!
    • Remind yourself that, ultimately, no one else is living your life, and trying to please others is a self-defeating policy. It’s impossible to please”them” enough to feel fulfilled.
    • Focus on the power of looking in the mirror and liking the person staring back at you, a good, powerful person who can self-direct their own actions!
  • Now for the harder one: which of my beliefs are “all dressed up, but have nowhere to go”?
    • As I have pointed out in previous posts, I have personally found that there are absolute basic morals that transcend time and human law. Personally, I hang on to these dearly, because I believe they are the foundation of human decency.
    • On the other hand, what beliefs to I hold about myself that might be limiting me from stepping up and trying harder?
    • What beliefs am I clinging to about others (whether specific people or that never identifiable “them”) that puts up unnecessary walls and are only there to protect the way I want to see life?

This is all about dumping extra baggage. The more we examine life and make sure our beliefs and actions serve a purpose — and that the purpose is what they are supposed to be serving — the more emotional energy and time we will have to put to the things we truly want to be and do.


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