Presidential Politics

The memes have been flying across Facebook for a long time now, and while some of my friends seem to be serious backers of certain candidates, the majority of my social circle seems to either be wringing their hands or face-palming over the dismal prospects.

I will be honest. I went to the primaries in my state and voted for a candidate that I knew didn’t stand a chance. Why? Because even though my vote is only one small vote, it counts. I knew that the person I trusted most in the election had an even smaller chance if I didn’t go.

Without debating the merits of any candidate in the election, I would like to encourage you to consider your civic responsibilities. If your only knowledge of the candidates comes from late-night comedy shows and 15-second evening news blurbs, you might want to question your preparedness to vote as a responsible citizen!

Here is the plan I intend to take, and I encourage you to do the same:

  • Check with your local election commission to see when the cut-off date for qualifying for the ballot is, and then check to see when early voting begins. Sometime between those two dates, the ballot will be available (usually online) for you to see exactly who your choices will be for your district.
  • Examine those names! Look at their campaign websites. Red flags should go up if they are advocating their elect-ability on things that you find offensive or unsettling!
  • If you find someone that you are truly comfortable with that isn’t part of the two main parties, you may want to actually speak out on social media and in conversations to alert your friends and acquaintances that alternatives do exist.
  • Don’t neglect state and local officials — they can make a big difference in your life, too!

I have recently read several blog posts and articles that are accusing Americans with being more concerned about the shape of Kim Kardashian’s posterior than about who runs the country. It’s time to prove the naysayers wrong!


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