“I’m So Glad You’re Here!”


I can remember how hard it was to be a mother with small children in the home. I was a single mother, which made it harder in many ways. I also learned very early in life to focus on the negative. So, my children grew up in a home where they learned hard work, they learned about being good people, and they learned about duty. They didn’t learn one important thing:

“I’m so glad you’re here!”

I can remember watch the Little Bear TV show with my kids and crying on the inside because that mother delighted in everything her son did, took time to just be with him, corrected him gently, and praised every worthwhile effort. It was an ideal I wanted, but felt like it was a fantasy – fiction, just like the TV show.

Since those years, I have learned and grown so much! (My hope is that I will totally be the world’s greatest grandma when the time comes!) One thing I am learning over and over and over again is that life is all about relationships.

  • Even though caring for kids can be tough, children bring joy and the opportunity to expand our lives through loving them.
  • Children need what every person needs – safety, respect, and a sense of being important to someone.
  • There are very few duties in life that are so important that I, as an adult, can’t stop to love and validate someone else.
  • Since life isn’t going to give me a do-over on this one, all I can do is pay it forward by starting today to make sure everyone in my life feels this message:

“I’m so glad you’re here!”


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