In the Beginning

Believe it or not, the idea for starting yet another blog came to me while I was out shopping for some quick, cheap containers for raised beds for my garden. I had just been to the local superstore and looked at their plastic wading pools. I was now at the local farming supply store. They had just received a shipment doggie pools — which were twice the price of the kiddie wading pools! I shook my head and made a comment about people being willing to spend more on their pets than their children, and the sales rep I was speaking simply replied that this is just the kind of community we live in.

As a teacher, I see parents who are willing to ignore the advice  of educators who are working with their children everyday under the guise that we really don’t know, or, even worse, the teacher somehow “has it in” for their child. The constant political clamor that educators are self-serving and incompetent has left us unable to talk with parents about what we see in children we love.

I was just reading a blog post by a mother who took a “unusual” stance in guiding her child’s actions socially, instead of leaving it all to “playground justice” and hoping it would “all work out.” She wrote of reactions from other parents and made the statement that she refuses to be one of those parents who worry about whether or not her child is eating gluten while she grows to be a social monster because we” just have to let children be who they are.”

The list continues: we fight and make laws over who can use which public restroom, while ignoring that the most chocolate consumed in the United States is produced through the use of child slave labor. We convince ourselves that having the government take from the rich and give to the poor is a reasonable economic strategy. We mourn over tragedies in foreign countries while treating our neighbors like dirt because they don’t conform to our social norms. We feel outrage when we see injustice and cry for someone to do something, and then go home and do nothing.

My hope is that the pen will turn out to be mightier than the sword, and that I will have the opportunity in this blog to cause you to think — and that thinking helps you realize that one person can make a difference, if he or she will just get up and do something!!


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